Introduction to the Bevelsider
Bevelsider walk around
1 Timing Bell Cranks
2 Adjusting the Tilt Table Angle
3 Tilt table lift and lower handle
4 Tilt table operation explanation
5 Mounting Clamp Explanation
6 Setting Bevelsider on Sawmill
7 Placing Bevelsider on Sawmill explanation
8a Clamping Bevelsider to Sawmill 1
8b Clamping Bevelsider to Sawmill 2
9 Uniform Clamping on Siding Cant
10 Loading and Clamping Siding Cant
11 Cutting Siding with the Bevelsider
12 Mounting the Shingle Jig
13 Adjusting Shingle Jig Tilt Table Angle
14 Cutting Shingles with the Shingle Jig
15a Bevelsider Flexibility 1
15b Bevelsider Flexibility 2
Clamping Shingle Jig to sawmill bed
Introduction to cutting angles on boards
Cutting a 45 degree angle on a board
Cutting a 45 degree angle on opposite of the board
Cutting coins using the Bevelsider
Cutting lumber from reclaimed timbers
Cutting shingles with Shingle Jig clamped directly to sawmill
Cutting Shingles with the Shingle Jig mounted in the Bevelsider
Moving the Bevelsider with wheel attachment